Streetchoir Sheffield 2010

Dear all,

If you’ve not already been alerted to the fact – the National Street Choir Festival 2011 will take place in Whitby!

Following their successful organisation of the 2009 event, and in the absence of other volunteers, the lovely people at Whitby have said they’ll take it on again.  Those of us who were there in 2009 will remember what a fab event they put on – so here’s another chance to enjoy singing by the sea and in the atmospheric streets!

All the information you’ll need can be found at the new Street Choir blog right here .

We look forward to seeing you there!


All the best from the 2010 team xx



Dear all,

The final invoices have all been paid from StreetChoir 2010 and I’m delighted to announce that we raised £3000 for our chosen charities, Amnesty International and the Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign!

So a huge thank you to everyone who bought a t-shirt or a photograph, donated at the campaign table or gave a donation towards the picnic.  It all contributed and meant that we could raise this money for two really worthy causes, whilst maintaining a healthy balance for next year’s festival.

You can still purchase photographs of your choir from the Massed Sing and the busking – just go here and click on StreetChoir Sheffield, type in the password (Salinger) and click on the photos you want to view.  Ordering details are alongside the individual photos.

Many thanks again on behalf of the two charities and the 2010 organising committee –


As yet no choir has come forward to host the festival in 2011 so we thought we’d give you a bit of encouragement. This year’s festival was great fun to organise and we honestly enjoyed all of the process. There is a healthy bank balance to hand over to get you started and we’d be delighted to come and meet any potential hosts and pass on what we’ve learned. If you’re worried about time and having enough people to do it, we followed the advice of Val Turner from Otley Singers who told us that you don’t need a lot of people until the weekend itself. She was right. We had 5 people in the core organising group and then we brought in volunteers to do specific tasks. We started planning in January (although we booked the venue about now) and we had lots of support from the Whitby team. We are a young choir and this was the biggest thing we had ever done, but it was also the most rewarding and it has given our choir a huge confidence boost. You can still use the festival email address to contact us or use the outaloud website . So go on….give it some thought….this is a really important time to take our message to the streets and it could be you that makes it happen.

Dear Singers,

Hope you’ve recovered from the weekend by now, and have caught up on your sleep.  It has rained fairly solidly in Sheffield since you all left – come back!!

We wondered if people would like a way of requesting copies of songs that you heard over the weekend from other choirs, and so have done a Song Requests page for you to exchange details.

Also, just to let you know that our licence for having the MP3s on the blog runs out soon, so they will be taken down early next week.  If you didn’t get round to downloading the parts for these fantastic songs, and you want to – now’s your chance!

Lastly, there are now lots of videos of the massed sing on YouTube, so as well as the link on the last post, you can check them out by going to YouTube and searching ‘Street Choir Festival Sheffield’

Didn’t we sound great?!

Love from the team xx

Dear singers,

Wow.  We’re feeling slightly lost for words at Team StreetChoir today … what a tremendous weekend with truly wonderful people!  Thank you for coming, thank you for singing, campaigning, taking action, performing and partying. Thank you too for all your lovely comments and useful feedback.  It was a privilege to share the weekend with you all.

You’ll see that we now have a comments page for feedback – please do have you say here.   There will be a Flickr page soon for sharing photos of the weekend – also, those of you with Facebook accounts can share your pictures on the StreetChoir Sheffield page here.  The official photographs of the weekend will also be available soon – keep an eye on Andrew Stepan’s website via the link over on the right of this page.

We’ll also post news here when we get it about who will host the Festival next year!  Will it be your choir and town or city?  We will say it is hard work but tremendously rewarding on many levels.  We promise to support you, as we have been supported this year by Whitby’s team.  There will also be a healthy bank balance to get you started.  So have a chat with your choir and let us know!

Once again, huge thanks to you all for making it a weekend to remember –

With love from the team xx

UPDATE:  See coverage and photos in the Sheffield Star here!

UPDATE:  See the Massed Sing on YouTube here!

Dear singers – the time is upon us, and we’re thinking about you as you travel from all over the UK – and beyond! – to join us in Sheffield tomorrow.  We hope you have a wonderful weekend with us – we’re so looking forward to enjoying the festival with you all after the months of preparation.

This blog will remain in action for a while after the event – there will be a page for feedback comments, opportunities to order photos of the festival in action (all proceeds to our charities) and information as we get it on the hosts for 2011!

Safe journey and see you tomorrow –

Love from the team x

Dear all,

As promised, some information on special diets – there will be a limited number of gluten-free meals available at every meal time at Sheffield City Hall.  If they’ve run out or you fancy somewhere else, the Blue Moon cafe is a 5-minute walk away from City Hall, on St James St next to the Cathedral.  It is vegetarian and always offers at least one gluten and wheat free option.

For the picnic on Sunday, there will be 50 gluten and wheat free picnics available.  All of the picnics will be vegetarian.

In general food terms, we have been able to negotiate discounts with many city centre cafes, bars and restaurants for the weekend.  Full details of these will be included as an insert  your programme.

Hope you enjoy the eating as much as the singing!

Love from the team x

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